We had just finished eating our gelato and had started to walk back to the hotel. We were walking down through a courtyard when we saw a mob of people. I thought that this was just a street performer, so I stood on my tiptoes to get a better view. I could only see a little bit of her hair, but I also noticed that there were lots of cameras out. I jumped up to see better. "It's definitely a celebrity," I said without very much excitement. I knew a lot of celebrity names and pictures, but not that much. I figured that it was someone I wouldn't recognize or know. Still, I jumped to see better. I saw her. My eyes widened. I did know this person, I didn't recognize her on the spot, but I knew her. It was Zendaya! I told my family quickly, "That is Zendaya!" My dad and mom didn't know her right away, but then my mom started to realize who that was. I started freaking out, and my dad grabbed pictures from above the crowd. They were mostly blurry, but it was definitely her. I was amazed. Why was she in London? Why did we see her? Why wasn't she at some more well-known sights? Why her, of all people? What was going on? As we walked away from the crowd, my mom and I had a giggly, slap-happy, weirdo moment. We laughed with our mouths and eyes still wide open. I was amazed.

I recalled that earlier that night I thought I had seen Chris Pratt sitting at the table next to us at a restaurant, but it was just a guy. I remember thinking, "What if we saw celebrities on this trip?" and "What would happen if we saw a REALLY famous celebrity?" It was really weird how I predicted (sort of predicted) how we would see a celebrity on the trip! I'm a psychic!

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