Visby and Gotland

We spent a wonderful week in Visby, Sweden, a medieval town on the island of Gotland. So far, I have learned many things about how the physical geography of Gotland, and how it affects the people who live, work, and visit Visby.

This is mainly a tourist city, I have learned, with its old medieval buildings and church ruins. You can find many museums and souvenir shops around the town. I have been to the Viking Museum in Visby and have seen many little i's, or Tourist Information spots around the town. This is very much a tourist city, but Gotland as a whole is very touristy anyway.

Gotland beaches are amazing, and lure lots of tourists from all over Sweden and many other countries. I went to one of the beaches on the northern tip of Gotland, and it is very beautiful. A magazine that I read said, "you can travel around the world in one island... You never have to leave Sweden." Gotland's landscapes are truly beautiful and breathtaking as well. People don't just come for the beaches, they come for the views as well. The wind and weather, in combination with the limestone terrain create a wonderful coastline worth seeing.

sunset on the beach

The magazine also said that the island has a huge biking reputation, which was clear as soon as we arrived in Visby. Bicycle racks were everywhere, and were always jam-packed with bikes and helmets. Rental bike shops and racks were all over the place too!

Overall, I had an amazing time in Gotland, and the sucky WiFi gave us a break from our phones for a bit. We walked along the Visby city walls and looked out on the Baltic Sea, and we hung out in our wonderful apartment.

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