Tayto Park

On Saturday, we went to a smaller version of Hershey Park. It was the only amusement park I've ever been to, that is entirely funded by a potato chip company. It did have the fastest rollercoaster in Europe, though, which was a plus. We went on that, and rode a ride called "Air Race" which was where you get in a miniature airplane, and you spin, and go upside down, over and over. Despite the twists and turns of that ride, Tori absolutely loved it. My mother didn't go, but the rest of us did, and we had so much fun. We also climbed an extremely hard rockwall. I originally tried to go up on the red and green route to the top, but it was so hard, that I needed to lower myself down and start again, and again. Eventually, I just converted to the yellow route, and made it up kind of far. I think that it is like an Irish version of Hershey Park because it has a potato chip factory tour, which was kind of lame. But, after, we went into a vortex tunnel, which made everything better.

My time in Meath ends tomorrow, and I knew I needed to have a post about potato chip land, so here you go.

PS, they give you a ton of free potato chips. Everywhere.

family at amusement park

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