Summer Time

I feel like we are in the middle of summer vacation. We watch movies every night, we play in the pool and on the trampoline that is with the rental house, and we eat amazing food all the time. This may seem weird because I am doing homeschool almost every day as well.

I think a large contributing factor to this feeling is the fact that it is summer here. The seasons are switched because New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere. While you guys are getting blizzards we are hanging at the beach. Also, all the kids go shopping and eat ice cream all day long and it feels like everyone is on summer vacation because everyone is!

We also have some friends to hang out with. My dad knows a lot of people around the world, and we meet up with them occasionally and now we live 10 minutes away from some of them! We meet up with them once or twice a week. We have dinner, we play in the pool, we go to museums, and more! It makes you feel like you are back at home. Or, at least it makes me feel like I am at home.

When you haven’t had person to person conversation in forever, it makes you feel really good when suddenly everyone speaks your language, and your parents know people that you make friends with! It is a lovely feeling when you get really excited because PEOPLE ARE COMING OVER!!!

This was mostly a getting-a-feeling-across blog post than a regular here-is-what-I-did blog post.

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