St. Augustine, Florida: Part Two

In this post I’m going to talk about the places we went in the city. First of all, we traveled around on a trolley. It gave you narration while you had the opportunity to get off at historical landmarks, or tourist stops. We decided to get off at the section called Colonial Quarters. We toured the section with our guide named Leila. She was hilarious. She talked to us all about what a colonial village would have looked like and even showed us the guns and melted some iron! We were showed the town plaza, the armory, the blacksmith, and the taberna. We had a fantastic time and Colonial Quarters is a must-see.

We also toured around the Pirate Museum. We saw tons of pirate treasure and read lots of pirate tales and legends. Still, literally all I could think about was Pirates of the Carribean. NOT JOKING. The theme song was playing in my head, and everything. It really only worsened when we entered the room dedicated to all pirate related movies, and displayed the actual sword that Johnny Depp used in the Curse of the Black Pearl.

Later, we went on a very uncomforting tour of the jail. The tour guide was dressed in stripes and he was a very convincing actor. He made me really uncomfortable. Thank the fricking gods that the jail closed in 1953. That place is some scary stuff. He talked about the forms of punishments and it was making more than one person including me really uncomfortable. I was so happy when we left it was unreal.

The next day, we went to the general store. They sold everything. From washing machines, to shoes, to food, to bicycles. They literally have anything you can think of. Including, your very own, brand new, milkshake maker! They don’t have these anymore because it is really noisy and it’s so much easier to do by hand.

We also went to the Fountain of Youth. We took some of the water, and Tori immediately made a face and said, “IT DOESN’T SMELL GOOD!” I took a sip and found that it didn’t taste good either. Also, I do not feel any younger. Tori thought she might disappear.

That is all I have for St. Augustine! I hope you enjoyed it!

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