SimCity vs. Singapore

Welcome to Singapore! We arrived early Sunday morning and grabbed two taxis into the city. The buildings were modern and amazing to look at. We drove past at least a dozen skyscrapers in the first minute. I was amazed. We entered our hotel and looked out the window. WOW. We had a view of the entire cargo dock and the beautiful light-blue water and some islands here and there. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

city buildings

Having just come from India, this was crazy. In India, the tallest building I saw was the Trident hotel in Mumbai. All the houses and offices were less than ten stories, but here, all the offices are over thirty stories high! Our hotel itself has over 45 stories! After sitting in our hotel room resting for some time, Mama said, “This looks exactly like SimCity.” I was surprised at her statement, but I knew exactly what she was talking about. All of the buildings in SimCity are tall skyscrapers and towers. The cargo dock in the game is full of different color boxes and loads, just like Singapore. The cars range different colors from red to blue to white to yellow. I am amazed at how clean it is, and how much art work and personal expression there is.

In India, most women covered their shoulders and ankles and heads. Here, women wear short, tank top dresses, high heels, jean shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers. They wear very loose clothing in India, and everyone wears relatively tight dresses, pants, or shirts. People seem to dress a lot like they do in Maryland during the summer. In India, we were restricted in what we could wear, but we can wear whatever we want. I love that everyone has their own style, so you never feel under or overdressed.

cargo dock

Singapore also has tons of parks and greenery. In SimCity, if you don’t build something in a space, it remains green and forested. JUST LIKE SINGAPORE. I love it here. It is so clean and nice and it reminds me of home, even though my neighborhood doesn't have any skyscrapers.

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