Paddle-boating in Stockholm

view of Stockholm canal from paddleboat

We went paddle-boating on August 22, in the Djurgardsbrunnsviken River (have fun pronouncing that!) and we had a lot of fun. We wanted to have kayaks, but none were available. I was pretty disappointed, but we still got paddle-boats and we had a lot of fun on those. Michelle and I went in a two-seater, and Mama, Da, Tori, and Gianna went in the four-seater. We had a little trouble getting out of the docking area, but we made it. We paddled around the canal and relaxed in the boat. After a while, we saw (at least Michelle and I did) a party boat! It had music and dancing and everything! After relaxing and paddling for a while, we got bored and decided to leave the boat and walked around to find food for lunch.

Zoe and Michelle in a paddleboat

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