Oktoberfest Fun

Oktoberfest was definitely a memorable experience. I sort of envisioned it as just a month where everyone drank beer all the time. But, it was much more than what I expected. First of all, I didn't know that Oktoberfest occurred outside of Munich. The Oktoberfest that we went to was in Konstanz. When we went, there were carnival rides and everything. There were three large tents where beer and food were served, and other little huts and stands that sold crepes or ice cream, etc.

I also was told about the costumes before going, which helped a little with surprise and confusion upon seeing Oktoberfest for the first time. All the women dress in dirndls, which look a little like Little Bo Peep costumes, and I don't know how to describe the men's costume other than a blue plaid shirt and brown lederhosen. Almost every single person at Oktoberfest is dressed like that, even kids. You should look up pictures of dirndls and "men's Oktoberfest outfit traditional," (be sure to include traditional, or you will get weird halloween costume things). During September, almost every clothing store has them too!

haybales stacked to look like people

While we were there, I went on many rides (many meaning really only two), and had a great time. I went on a ferris wheel-type thing, and almost cried (I'm afraid of heights, but it seemed like a good idea at the time...). The absolute scariest thing about the ride wasn't actually the heights, but it was the fact that the safety bar came up! We were in the air, with Gianna's head on my shoulder, one of my hands gripping my seat and one on the bar, we were circling the center and I was terrified. We were coming up over the highest part, and the bar popped up, and came back down again! I screamed really loud and Gianna made a softer noise. I guess I was a little bit afraid of falling, but I think I was more afraid the ride breaking and everyone dying. It was a scary experience.

a ferris wheel-type ride

I came to realize that most of the rides were actually designed to make you dizzy and to have you throw up all over the place. I thought about this for a while. Who cleans up all the people's puke? How many people puke on the rides daily? These gross questions crossed my mind, and I decided to stop thinking about it all together. I also went into a funhouse-obstacle course-thingie. I felt really dumb walking through a maze of glass walls and mirrors and constantly running into walls. We (everyone except my dad) stumbled through floor obstacles, a maze of glass and mirrors, and some punching bags. My time at Oktoberfest was truly memorable.

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