No Offense, But Athens is Kind of Dirty

I know that this sounds mean, but I am trying to give some constructive criticism. Athens is a wonderful city full of many diverse people and cultures, but it is also dirty. There is graffiti everywhere, and the streets are covered with cigarette butts. Also, on a minor note, the buildings across the street from our hotel looked kind of haunted. I will now present a list of rules for the people of Athens, so tourists can realize the true beauty of the city, and not just the pollution.

New Rules For a Clean Athens, Greece:

  1. NO LITTERING (Well Duh.)
  2. Please do not smoke in public places such as restaurants, stores, etc.
  3. Only spray paint assigned graffiti walls in certain areas of the city (The government needs to create them first, though)
  4. Please pick up trash and debris if seen and deposit in the nearest waste bin.

The consequences for violating these rules can come up to $2,000 dollars in fines.

Now, I am not saying that Greece should be forced to do these things, but I sincerely think that Athens could use a clean up job. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Athens, and I would love to go back, but I did't like the trash. Everything else in the city was perfectly fine, and I loved it. Please do not take offense to this post.

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