Goodbye Europe

Don’t get me wrong, Europe was a great experience, but I’m glad to be leaving. Surprisingly enough, I'm so excited to be getting on planes. I want to get rid of the car, and the extra weight. Ironically, we needed to do a ton of shopping for Morocco. We did, however, mail a ton of stuff home as well. Nice clothes, papers, coloring books and supplies that we didn’t need were included in the package. I honestly wanted to get Europe over with.

But, if there was one thing that I wanted to keep with us on the trip from Europe, it would be the weather. The only place that I genuinely disliked the weather was Athens. It was absolutely boiling! I was always looking for shade in Athens. Other than that, all the other weather was great. I loved Ireland. The cold, wind, rain, and mud made the experience better because I love that type of weather. Fall is my season, and that will never change. Ghent has a milder version of the Ireland weather. It is rainy and cold, but not as hard core as Ireland

cloudy and rainy weather above a hill

Ghent has this likable factor that makes you want to stay forever. It looks like a gingerbread village with the brick work and the style of houses. I wanted to stay there forever. The outside was old and each house had it’s own style, but they were all similar. The inside of the houses and buildings are all renovated and modern. It is so cool and welcoming and cozy all at the same time. I miss Ghent.

street on a canal

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