While we were enjoying some humdity and heat in our tent, something very interesting happened. We were laying on our beds in our tents when we started to hear lots of yelling. At first, I though it was a medical emergency (it was quite hot, someone could’ve fainted) but the yelling didn’t seem to go away. I asked Da, “What is going on?” He peeked out the tent flap. “That is a big fire.” I gaped at him. “WHAT?” I asked, almost shouting. But I had heard him. I yelled, “Tori, Gianna, out of the tent! NOW!” Gianna got up from her position, and asked, “What?” I said, “FIRE! Get out of the tent!” She shot up and I grabbed my shoes. I looked around, where was Tori? I faced the bathroom. “TORI, COME ON!” She looked like she wanted nothing more to do with me. She faced me and said, “I’m on the toilet, Zoe. Chill.” I peeked out side the tent. The fire was far enough away, she had time. I walked out to Da. He had his camera and was taking pictures.

A tent at the end of our row was almost completely burned down. But then, the tent next to it went up in a giant cloud of smoke and flames. The staff at the camp had blown through four fire extinguishers, and now were desperately throwing sand on the flames. Where was the fire truck? Another set of staff members were trying to dismantle the tent next to the tent that had just caught fire. After standing and waiting for the story and the fire truck, everyone near those tents had brought all of their belongings outside, ready to move. I waited. “What do you think happened?” I asked Da. He didn’t face me to answer and instead talked to the camera he was holding to his eye. “Probably and electrical spark of something.” Mama came out of the tent. “WOW” she said staring. She made her way over to where we were standing. The only reason she came out of the tent was because the power went out.

huge plume of smoke

Now is a time to be grateful for what happened. No one was hurt, although many of those people’s belongings were lost. We are thankful that it was not us, and that there was no wind. If there was wind, the whole camp would’ve burned down in just about five minutes. Everything was made of fabric and wood, so everything would have burned and many would have been killed or injured. We are thankful it was not us, and we are sorry for those who lost personal items.

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