Fearful Ferries- Viewer Discretion Advised.

I had a whole different expectation for the ferries than what actually happened. I expected it to be a nice, airplane-like, smooth ride to Paros. That is not what happened. We bounced, swayed back and forth, and the motion made almost everyone sick. My nanny alone used up 5 barf bags. Although I did not vomit on the first ferry ride (to Paros), I felt nauseous. I felt so bad that I couldn't even carry my own bag. But as soon as we got into our itty-bitty rental car, I felt better. Even more bad feelings were relieved as soon as we reached our rental house, 30 meters from the beach. Pictures of the view can be seen on my dad's blog post, "Travel does not treat everyone equally".

The boat ride back to Athens, however, I had a little more confidence. I had taken some Dramamine earlier that day, so I was hoping for no nausea. My hopes were fading away fast as soon as my mom started to vomit, and the waves started to pick up. My stomach was spinning and I had a blooming headache. I decided to take a peek out the window.... Horrible timing! I looked out the window as soon as a giant 4 foot wave slammed the boat, causing another course of vomit from my mother. I felt like my stomach was belly flopping off the high dive. Not many minutes later, my breakfast decided it was time to come up. I grabbed a bag and hurled and hurled and hurled. What made this worse, was that the woman sitting next to me had to get off the boat, and we were just pulling into her stop. I wanted to move, but my body was just like.... NO! The woman had to wait for me to finish puking my guts into a bag in order for her to get off the ferry.

Finally, for the last two legs of the trip, my stomach decided to be nice. My ferry ride experience was pretty bad.

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