Deliciousness in Stockholm

cheese fries

The food in Sweden is on point. The US needs to step up their food game, and fast. This post is going to be kind of short, but it's going to tell you exactly what Sweden is doing better than the US, foodwise.

Yesterday, before going to see the Nobel Museum, we went to a burger place called Prime Burger. I was super excited and ready to enjoy some delicious food. I ate a cheeseburger with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before. I tried to make a comparison between it and an American restaurant, but it was better than anything that I could think of. That's right, I just said that Sweden has done American food better than America. I know I sound crazy, but it was so good, you have to believe me. To make our meal a complete American meal, we (the kids) all had fries and milkshake. I literally thought it was better than any burger I have ever tasted. Although I could end the post here and leave your mouths watering, I would like to go on and torture you with deliciousness that you can't taste.

We had some delicious Thai food in Sweden as well. I had some AMAZING satay (chicken that you dip in a peanut sauce), and it was so good. I wish that I could replay all of these amazing moments in real life because this is my last night in Stockholm. I wish that the US would be able to up their game a little bit since the Traveling Schlossinis approve. I hope that you enjoyed not tasting all of these wonderful things.

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