I feel like certain places that I have been were very chaotic, with trying to cram everything into 3 days, or a week. But, there are places that I think are way more chill, and give me some time to think. This is one of those places. I am currently in a rental house in Donore, Ireland. I finally get a place with my own double bed! (In case you didn't know, that was my bed at home!). Tori shares my room with me, and she sleeps on a futon. Our rental house is incredibly nice, with three bedrooms, and a beautiful layout. It gives me time to myself, which I like very much. I can listen to music as well, which is great. I feel that this place is really relaxing and easy-going. Plus, there is amazing WiFi! Now, I can search the web as I please, and there is almost no buffering!!!

I feel that this place is what I have been thinking of as "Checkpoints". I consider checkpoints to be places or times that we feel relaxed enough to blog or do some homeschooling. Also, there has to be WiFi. But, like I said, this is a definite, 6 day checkpoint. I will probably blog a lot in this little time period.😃

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