Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world, from its amazing hiking trails that you can do in 10 minutes or 5 days, to it’s crazy bungy jumping and sky-diving reputation. On the shores of the giant lake Wakatipu. It is largely a tourist town and almost everyone who lives in Queenstown work in the tourist industry. All the people in Queenstown are adventure lovers and aren’t afraid of anything it seems. Travel booking centers are everywhere and you can book everything from a zipline to a scenic helicopter ride.

A lot of things you can do have to do with heights. You can do zip lines, bungy jumps, paragliding, sky diving, airplane and helicopter rides, etc. Since, at least two people in our family are deathly afraid of heights, we decided we should try other things. You can go jetboating, white water rafting, skiing and snowboarding (winter only), hiking, and lots of other stuff.

Water related activities include water skiing, parachuting, kayaking, and boat cruises. The goal of Queenstown is to put some fun in the scenery. Queenstown also is home to a fantastic gondola ride up to a viewing deck and cafe at the top of a mountain. The main attraction up at the top however, is the go-cart type ride that you can do. It is so much fun!

lake for white water rafting Queenstown is the place to visit if you want some amazing scenery, awesome hikes, adventurous activities, and more!

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