Last night I fell asleep about 8pm local time, woke up and felt like I could get up, but how could it only be 10:30pm? Power in our room was out, phones were powered off and two girls were well asleep. I had to asks myself if I was sleep walking. The pants I had washed in the sink were still very wet in the bathroom, I again checked the time and said maybe it really is only 10:40pm. I walked around the room a bit, got the lights back on, set them to sleep mode, yes we have mood lighting in the room, got the power station back up and charging, popped a melatonin, put on Alice in Wonder Land and was out before the opening credits came on.

Eating dinner on the edge

I woke up this morning to tiny knocks on the door, sun shining and very comfortable in my bed. I figured out what time it was and thought we missed breakfast! 9am and the tiny person at my door says, "and you guys ready for breakfast?" I thought to myself, ready for breakfast! I hardly had two eyes open and one kid was still sound asleep. Breakfast was a lovely spread at the hotel, I'm not big on coffee but when I was looking at the 3 tired small people in front of me and not knowing what the day ahead would have planned I said YES to the waiter when he asked, coffee? Strong, but the honey comb at the breakfast bar and a splash of cream and it was down the hatch. Lunch was Turkish pizza which my golly I could eat everyday. Dinner was a rush and I don't mean we were forced to eat quickly as we were basically abandoned by the wait staff after our table was cleared and our hands were cleaned with the moist towelettes that are given after every meal. Trendy and I wish American restaurants would pick this up. So by rush, I mean we sat on a street corner that felt like we were in the middle of rush hour traffic. As the waiter spoke to the man of the table and discussed our order I watched on edge as the cars zipping by made illegal right turns, illegal U turns, crossed into oncoming traffic to pass, drove down what looked like a one way street, children riding in the lap of the buckled adult passenger, and cars parked in the road that had no shoulder. The food here was again amazing and certainly took my mind off the traffic, but only until the next tire screech or exhaust backfire behind me.

I wondered many things today like how many kilometers are in a mile as I ran in the hotel gym, and why it felt so much easier to run here especially given the about of bread I have eaten thus far. Was it the view of cabanas and other high rise building stacked on top of each other that I was looking out to or the ease of mind that on day 2 I had the opportunity to run and workout.

Today I felt like we weren't doing enough, I wanted to get out and explore, see sights, but I also need to understand the concept that this is a year long trip and if we go hard in the beginning we will never make it to the end. Pacing myself and easing my want to go will be a struggle, but I'm sure soon I will appreciate the slower days. The # I used leading up to this trip was #nosleeptillistanbul and the saying stood to be true, not much sleep the last few nights home, not much sleep on the planes, but now I can #sleepinistanbul

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