On Island Time

Our first vacation spot was on the island of Paros, Greece. We stayed in a cute beach house directly across the street from the beach. We arrived as the sun was setting, the air was full of salt and we were all looking forward to a long weekend of relaxation.

The first morning I was up relatively early with T and we enjoyed a light breakfast listening to the waves crashing and then we were off to the beach! The sand was a little rocky and the wind was whipping but being on the beach in the sunshine was a fresh feeling that I was in need of. I taught T how to make a dribble castle out of wet sand and she used her creativity and made a dribble Mosque instead of a typical castle. I spent days on the beach as a child making dribble castles so it was a proud moment passing on this skill.


Paros is a very small tourist island that felt very safe. We ventured into town where walking with your camera out and being amazed with the views was a common thing. Minus how small the island actually was I could totally live there being that it was a cute beach town with nice weather year round. We drove all the way around the island in less than two hours to give you an idea of how small it is.

I spent a lot of my time sitting on the porch, taking a nap in the sun, and enjoying the sea breeze. Mornings on our porch reminded me of home and having breakfast on my porch at the beach. On our last day we went to the beach, and for those who know me they will be proud to know, I got in the water up to my shoulders! I broke my rule of stopping where I can't see bottom. The temperature was warm in some spots and cooler in others, we made a game finding the warm spots. I felt safe(r) being that this water was in a cove and not a completely open body of water. Now I can say I have swam in the Aegean Sea!

For those who are wondering I did make it off the island by boat and no sickness!

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