In Singapore we went to a night safari where we went on a tram to see all the nocturnal animals. I saw flying squirrels that looked like monkeys. Then we walked and saw two leopards! The fur was so beautiful it was like a optical illusion! On the tram we saw lions, hippos, hyenas, huge buffaloes with sharp horns, a deer that looks like a unicorn, cows, pigs, more deer, bears, and on the way out we saw cows with horns as big as the animal!

clouded leopard

Then we went Gardens by the Bay. I was so excited. The light show was magical. They played songs and I danced all night. We sang and had wonderful time. The lights were awesome. Then we went up to a bridge and saw the city at night. If you are scared of heights I recommend not going on the bridge because you are high up and the bridge shakes a little.

lights all night

The next day we went kayaking! I went with Da and Gianna went with Mama while Zoe was on her own. Da paddled so fast if I tried to paddle at the same time, well I just couldn’t. When I paddled the kayak did not move, but I soon got the hang of it. We got stuck in the rain because it is monsoon season. It rained so hard the rain heart me! When we got out of the kayaks we were soaking wet. I washed one kayak but the spray gun was the wrong way so I sprayed myself, I didn’t get to wash any more kayaks.


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