Andalusian Horse Show in Jerez

facade of palace in JerezOn October 15 2015 I went to a horse show. The horse show was at The Royal School of Equestrian Arts. I got to see the Royal palace. It was very fancy, but it was very empty. Outside there were two rings where some people were riding and training the horses. We also got to see donkeys and horses in pens. One looked like it made a pathway where it would walk towards me and then turn and walk away.

white horse in training circle There was a beautiful fountain. Also, I got to see an exercise ring where there are metal strings with gaps in between. At the time I only saw two horses and they had to move in circles. They moved in circles because the ring moves in a giant circle. They also had to turn around and go the other way. At the show the horses went fast, slow, diagonally, and skipped. There were white horses, brown horses, and white horses with gray spots. Some horses kicked their two front legs in the air. I really liked the horse show.


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