All the Places We Went In South Africa

We went to Cape Town and we stayed at a beautiful house in Camps Bay. We went to Baked (a restaurant) three times. We spent most of our time in the house. We ate out on the rocks Sunsetbut the sunset was covered by the clouds. We met some neighbors and had a great time. Then we saw penguins. They were molting. It was really cool.

We also went to Kruger National Park. When we got there we went on a safari drive and saw nyala, warthog, buffalo, rhino, baboon, vervet monkey, hippo, and impala! We had an AMAZING dinner. I had a salad, soup, and pork with lentils. Also, our room was really nice.

The next day I saw nyala, rhinos (they were fighting), giraffe, buffalo, warthog, monkeys, and a troop of baboons. Then we went to breakfast, not at the camp but in the wild. It was so delicious. I had four full plates of fruit.

On the last ride I saw a dwarf mongoose! I was really happy because I really wanted to see a mongoose. Then we went off-road and it was like a rollercoaster, but way more fun and bumpy. We saw a lion with a knocked out tooth. He looked so sad. We followed him for a while and then we left. poor lion

Last, we went to Johannesburg. We went on our first hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus! We saw a old post office that was the first post office in Johannesburg. It had a fire but is now recovering. We heard new things as we saw new things in the city. We got off at a casino and got on a smaller car with people from China, New Zealand, etc. We saw a big stadium. Then we went to the Hector Pieterson memorial. It was where kids wanted their schools to be taught in English so they marched. The police shot the kids! The poor kids’ only weapons were stones. At the memorial there were towers of rocks representing the students; the bigger the stones the bigger the kid. There was a medium sized pool with water in it which represents the tears of the parents who lost their kids. Then we went to Walter Sisulu Square. We went back to the casino and had lunch there. Then on the hop-on hop-off bus again we saw the Mining District. We also saw the Constitution Hill. Hector Pieterson Memorial

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