The Natural Beauty of North Auckland

I went on two hikes - the Ecology Trail at Tawharanui Regional Park and the Leigh Harbor Walk, in Leigh, north of Auckland, and I would do them again. It’s so peaceful in the woods and on the beaches here in New Zealand. It takes a lot of energy to finish the trails that we did because they are long and mostly steep. I would bring a water bottle and maybe a snack to the trails. Wear sneakers or climbing shoes and long hiking pants. There are spiky plants and rough rocks on the trails.

a tree at Tawharanui

The Ecology Trail hike at Tawharanui was amazing. Most of the Ecology Trail had a spectacular ocean view. There were beautiful green forests, giant rocks to jump onto, small blue tidal pools, and a ocean view from the pastures on this trail that is just amazing! I saw the Pukeko bird, a native bird to New Zealand. It’s a black bird with a red beak.

view of the ocean at Tawharanui

One part of the Leigh Harbor Walk I’ve been on was covered in water when we traced our steps backwards, to the start. We also climbed up hills, waded through water, and walked carefully on jagged rocks.

The views of the ocean from the paths (and off the paths) are priceless. If I had a choice of one place to go to in New Zealand in the future, it would be Auckland. I had a lot of fun on the trails and I think other people will too.

Zoe and Gianna hiking

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