TACO-TIME!!! (Leaving Meath, Visiting Trim, Arriving in Dublin)

Today we went away from dream house number two. This sucks, because I loved that house. It had wifi! The house had 5 beds (almost everyone got their own bed), a kitchen, a store across the street, and a living room. I'm so sad that we left that house. It was one of my dream houses! I loved almost everything about that house.

The car ride was a little boring. Okay, really boring. We had to listen to a history of the Greeks, Mesopotamians, and the Romans. Okay, I like the Greek and Roman myths a lot, but I thought this wasn't fun... at all. I just looked out the window the whole time.

Then, we took a tour of Trim Castle. It was the best! I thought the tour guide was funny. We saw the Trim Castle in different models over a period of times. It was cool. Then the tour guide brought us up to the roof. The view was amazing, though I think we went down earlier than the intended time to go down because of the wind.

Next, we went to the Castle (a restaurant). The only thing I liked on the menu were the milkshakes. After that, we went to an archaeological site. I uncovered a wall! It was awesome until I realized that they probably made the wall in the first place. Finally we got to the apartment in Dublin. It's the coolest! I hope that we go back to The Oarsman; the wings there are the best. Our waitress, Andrea is super awesome, too.

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