Slow jogging of the wools

We went to the Hilux Rural Games in Queenstown, New Zealand. I watched the wood-chopping competition and I think that it was the best part of the games for me. There were lots of activities in the Games. There was cherry stone spitting, cow milking, tree climbing, wood chopping, wine barrel pushing, gum boot throwing, coal shoveling, hay stack moving, cow pat tossing, farmers and their dogs racing, face painting, apple bobbing, sack racing, and the running of the wools. I think running of the wools was the most popular activity there. My mom milking a fake cow

The wood chopping was a competition between Kiwis and Australians. Kiwis are the New Zealanders. First in the competition was one-on-one sawing, where they had to saw a few circles out of a log. After a few one-on-one competitions finished, there was a relay. Three people were on each team. The first person took an electric saw and started to cut a circle. After they finished, the second person on each team took an axe and started to chop through a block of wood they were standing on. When the second person finished the first person would chop another circle, but this time, with a non-electric saw. When the first person finishes for the second time, the third person took an axe and began to chop through a log. The Kiwis won. The wood chopping compition

Next we went to the running of the wools. We waited alongside the track for along time. During that time the coal shoveling event happened. We waited and waited. Suddenly some people from a bar started to shout and let it all out. They sang “Who let the sheep out”, “Baa Baa”, and “SHEEP”. Finally the sheep came. But they were not running. In fact they were barely walking. Dogs had to get on top of them to make them move. I was disappointed.

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