Singapore in Three Paragraphs Or More

Gardens by the Bay is a gigantic garden near the water. We went to the supertree garden. The supertree garden is an area with giant, fake, trees that light up at night. There is a long bridge connecting the trees in the air. I found out I’m afraid of heights. There was live music, too.

We went on a night safari. It was the coolest! We saw different types of male lions, hippos, rhinos, hyenas, wild dogs, white antelope, etc. Also, I saw the biggest squirrel ever! A Giant Flying Squirrel! Yeah, that is their real name. I saw two clouded leopards, too. Clouded Leopards are now officially on my most-beautiful-things list.

Singapore is so awesome! The buildings here are all unique and tall. One is Marina Bay Sands, three buildings connecting at the top with something that looks like a gigantic cruise ship. Also there is underground street crossings, parks, a big ship loading area, etc. Singapore has been independent for about 50 years.

Marina Bay Sands

I love food. Eating different kinds of foods is one of my favorite ways of exploring different cultures. We went to La Pau Sat. La Pau Sat is an area with lots of food vendors. The dim sum was delicious. There is Costa Rican, Korean, Chinese, Singaporean, and others. I can imagine an La Pau Sat in Maple Lawn, Maryland.

Singapore has been independent for 50 years. We have seen red signs with SG50 on them.

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