Rainy season

The weather was not so good, for it was October. The weather in Belgium in October is not the best, I can tell you that. Tori and I thought it was very chilly there. I was walking back to the apartment when it really hit me. I was starting to wish we had heavier jackets.

The apartment was not on ground floor, so we had to climb up the high, narrow, stairs to get there. The apartment was really nice. There were three bedrooms, that could fit 6 comfortably all together. We watched “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future 2” in Belgium. The space was truly wonderful except for the set of stairs to the loft which are really small and steep; they made my feed hurt!

Ghent, Belgium was a really popular trading point. They used to produce cloth. By the 15th century, however, the cloth production began to wane. The city of Ghent suffered under the rule of Charles V, when they refused to pay higher war taxes.

The old buildings are very impressive here. Not only are they well maintained, but they are everywhere. The style between buildings is extremely similar, yet they are so different at the same time. Low roofs and high roofs. Skinny buildings and fat buildings. They are truly amazing.

so cool
Belgium is amazing so far. Our first meal was more of a snack where we had cheese, salami and olives. We went here because Da wanted to have a beer in one of the few remaining brown houses.

We had an amazing meal at a restaurant named Neptune. I had applesauce and steak. The applesauce was made from candied apples; this was a first for me.

Later we ate real Belgian waffles! They were better than almost anything sweet that I have ever had before. With sugar clumps in the dough and the delicious dough themselves we had about ten perfect bites in less than one minute.

Belgian Waffles

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