Paris time!

After a not so bad 9 hour car ride, we finally got from San Sebastian to Paris. Paris,the town of wholesale jewelry stores and traffic, here we come! If you ever come to Paris, I would advise you to buy online tickets to the Louvre if you go there. The line is the longest ever to buy tickets if you don't buy them online.The Louvre is the most famous tourist attraction in the world! It holds the real Mona Lisa!If you go to Paris, the Louvre is your number one place to go. The Mona Lisa is truly amazing.

Mona Lisa In the Louvre, I picked out three sections I wanted to see a lot and one painting. The sections were, Islamic arts, Greek and Ecruston and Roman, and finally, the Egyptian section. Also, the painting I wanted to see was the Mona Lisa. I loved seeing the painted sarcophagi, paintings, tile work, etc. It was all so amazing. At the end we saw a darth vader head!

The apartment was very small apartment, and it reminded me of the apartment in Stockholm.Tori’s bed was a couch bed in our living room. If you can call it that. I think that the walls and ceiling must be very thin, because we can hear extremely loud tapping sounds in the morning. Eiffel Tower It’s quite cozy, actually in the apartment. The stairs are awfully hard to climb up, though.

The Eiffel Tower seemed so tall at a distance but that view has got nothing on up close. When I saw the line, I thought I would have a heart attack. The lines were so long! The scaffolding must have been really high because the Eiffel tower seemed to go up forever. Mr.Eiffel’s office is up there.

Subway We slowly went to the catacombs after deciding the lines were too long for the Eiffel Tower. That was a big mistake! It’s not like we could have made the subway go any faster. We missed the Catacombs entry right as we were almost there in line. But we had good sushi afterwards, so I am happy.

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