The first and last place we went in Morocco was Marrakesh. I lost my tooth in a potato and I was happy because it had been bothering me. We saw the market, cobras, and lots of monkeys in neon shirts. The nightlife is amazing here! We bought salwars in a labyrinth of a market. What an interesting city.


We rode camels into the Sahara. I named my camel Camelio. Tori named her camel Fluffy, like the three headed dog in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone. When the camels stood up and sat down it was startling and the best thing ever at the same time. Up, down, and up again across the Sahara desert. My expectations of a desert were exceeded. in the Sahara

Berber Camp

While in the Sahara, we rode to a Berber camp. The first two tents we got assigned had really big holes in them. A sand storm blew in and that doesn't mix well with holes in your tent. We had to walk to a newer camp.

We wore turbans; mine is green. It was a sandy night, but I enjoyed all of it. We also got to sandboard on the dunes; it was my favorite.

Dades Gorge and Atlas Mountains

Let's start with tagines. There are dishes of meat or vegetables, in a clay, round plate with a clay cone on top. In the Atlas mountains we had a lot of tagines. Dades Gorge is basically the Morroccan Grand canyon; I've never been to the Grand Canyon, so that metaphor was lost on me. We stayed in a hotel with a pool in Dades Gorge.


The air in Morocco is extremely dry. The dry air can cause you to get a cough that can last a long time. We took cough medicine, but I still have the cough.

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