We went to South Africa. If there is one thing I can tell you, it’s hot. Every place we have been in South Africa has been sweltering! First we went to Cape Town, then to Kruger, then to Jo’burg. From relaxation to safari, South Africa is the place to be. I will begin telling you with Cape Town.

First I went to Cape Town. The house we stayed in was really nice. We were a short walk away from the beach. If you ever go to Cape Town, go see the penguins. They are the most adorable little things besides the Dassies. The Dassies are a mix between an anime small seal and an anime small groundhog! Go to table mountain, too. I didn't go, but I imagine it has a wonderful view.

The next stop on our list was Kruger National Park. We saw lions: first we saw one mom and her small cubs, the second lion appearance was of a grown male. The male lion's tooth had been knocked out by a giraffe’s kick. Ouch! We also saw leopards, hippos, elephants, rhinos, squirrels, duiker, impala, nyala, baboons, vervet monkeys, etc. ![LIONS](https://schlossini.smugmug.com/Watt-Kirkmans-Camp/i-ZgKbQZP/0/X2/TS5_1466-X2.jpg){.img-center .img-8-8}

The last of South Africa for us was Johannesburg. We took a hop-on and hop-off bus, saw Nelson Mandela square, and his house too. I learned that people swarm around Mandela’s house that he only lived for 11 days! People came to Jo’burg because of the promise of gold. In just 20 years, the entire Johannesburg city was made! Jo’burg is indeed a wonderful city.

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