I Didn't Know That Hagrid Lived in Legoland in Berlin

Father and children learning to tie knotsAfter an exhausting car ride, we got to the apartment. The apartment has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and kitchen. We spent little time there, because we wanted to go do everything! We went to the German Museum of Technology and tied knots. We also went to Checkpoint Charlie and read the information display about the Berlin Wall and the Cold War. In addition, we walked through the Holocaust Memorial. Best of all, we went to the Legoland.

Legland was small but amazing! It was underground, so we had to go down a flight of stairs. There were life-size figures of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and an even bigger Hagrid! We saw a miniature Berlin with moving trains, rolling subways, flashing lights, sunlight and nighttime, and even a crane! LEGO city displayThere was also actual water with a dock and pool.

Next, we went to to the other side of Legoland. There was a mini roller coaster that goes about one half of a mile per hour, but it was cool anyway. Inside the cave that the roller coaster went through, there were moving LEGO statues of dwarves, gold coins, men, women, torches, banging doors, and best of all, moving dragons! After we were done with the ride, we went down some stairs and played with LEGOs. It was so cool! I loved all of Legoland so much.

I love lego land

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