We went to go to buy tickets to a gondola. The ticket line was out the doors of the gondola building! The ticket we bought enabled us to a free box of jelly beans too! We got in the gondola and slowly we rose up. The views from the gondola we so beautiful. I was speechless. The views had the perfect combination of water, town, woods, and mountains. The gondola moved along the tracks to the top until it was at the top of the mountain.

We walked out of the gondola and along a path to the ski lift. The ski lift took us up even further up the mountain to the luge starting place. We got in our luges and we were off. It was some ride. We went up, down, through tunnels, and made wildturns. I was passed by a lot of people but I had fun. It was fast and fun at the same time. I recommend it to people who like things that are self-driven and like roller coaster things. I had a ton of fun.

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