From Konstanz to Seville


We went to the Oktoberfest. I saw colorful game tents, mini rides, food huts, and dressed up people. The first ride that I went on was a ride that went up in the air. While I was in the air I got startled. I got startled because the safety bar to my car raised up while I was in the air. Zoe, who was in my car, immediately pushed it back down. The other ride I went on was the bumper cars.

The Long Car Ride

It took 4 days to get from Konstanz to Seville. 4 days! 25 hours in all. 4 hours = Konstanz to Milan. 2 hours = Milan to Cuneo. 9 hours = Cuneo to Barcelona. 10 hours = Barcelona to Seville. But Seville is awesome, so it's worth it. The house in Seville has a pool.


I've had some wonderful food so far on this trip. Sausage, sauerkraut, and orange juice in Germany, pasta and ice cream in Italy, and tapas and grilled cheese sandwiches in Spain. Amazing food, as always. Germany is famous for its sausage and sauerkraut. Italy is famous for its Gelato and pasta. Spain is famous for its tapas and dulces. What I don't know is what the U.S.A. is famous for.

Turning Eleven

I turned eleven on October 4th, 2015. I feel great. We were in the car on my birthday driving from Milan to Cuneo. My birthday was amazing. We walked down the small streets of Cuneo, Italy. I got to spend my birthday in my great grandmother's home town.


I have to make an Anime comic story. I haven't got very far in it. It's about a futuristic girl, who falls through a portal, into the magical world of Eredas. She makes friends with elves, dwarves, fairies, a dragon. She makes enemies with elves, dwarves, fairies, and a dragon. Will she stop the hated evil elf, find her mother, get home, and survive... or is one too much.

The main character's name is Zoe. Every page I finish, I tell myself "one step closer, one step closer". I take breaks, but I don't always want to. This project is so fun.

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