Phnom Penh

The food here in Phnom Penh is unbelievable! Noodle soup for breakfast and Mexican food for lunch. You can get burritos or bowls in the Mexican place, Cocina Cartel. I ate French food here in Phnom Penh, too. Some local food here is fish amok, noodle soup, sweet and sour pork, noodles, and tarantulas.

I also visited the Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum. I was shocked by what I saw and heard about this place. Families were separated and tortured. Almost no one escaped. The Khmer Rouge, who were conducting all of this, did not like the cities or their people. They killed lawyers, teachers, students, monks, and anyone they thought was a threat to their ideas. They forced labor in rice fields.

The Killing Fields was where the graves were. I saw a spirit house that was put in to honor people's elders. Mass graves were everywhere I looked. It was terrible. In the center of it all was the memorial, a pretty building with racks upon racks of skulls. There were signs that said how each person was killed.

From the food to the museums and sites, Phnom Penh is definitely a must see. I almost cried at the Killing Fields, but the rest of Phnom Penh is one of the most cheerful places I've ever been.

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