1 month in, 1 month out

It has been more than one month since we left home on July 8th! On August 8th (it's August 12th now), it had been exactly one month. I can't believe it! It feels like just an ordinary trip. Like I will go home to meet my friends and do summer camp tomorrow. But I won't go home. I still miss my friends, and Camp Echo Hill won't have any sign of the Schlossnagles anytime soon.

If I was back home right now I would see all of my best friends again. Zoe and I would get to show Tori around Camp Echo Hill. My home would have a Gianna in it. I would get to play outside. The weather would warm my bones. I would have sleepovers with my friends and I would go to Florida and Cape Cod to visit my Grandpas, Grandma, and Nonna. But I'm not at home.😢

But I do like some stuff that we do, like exploring castles and playing at the beach. I like most of the tours; especially the tour guides. They are very funny. Castles, tombs, museums, and beaches have been fun on the trip too. I think that Paros, Greece was the best. That was the place with the beach and butterflies.

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