It will be a great adventure

For three years, we've been passively planning to quit our jobs, abandon our lifestyle, drop out of school and understand the world and humanity a bit better.

When all this talk started, it seemed impossible. Theo was actively involved in four ventures (as CEO of two) and deeply involved with various initiatives within the Internet and computing industries. Zoe, Gianna, and Tori were all positively entrenched in the Howard County Public School system. Lisa had selfless and long hours trying to make sure everyone survived their endeavors.

How does one walk away from everything? It turns out to be as easy (and as hard) as saying: we will. Starting in July of 2015, our family will begin a voyage that we fully expect to forever change our lives and most importantly our perspectives.

There are a million details (if we ignore a great many of them) related to preparation and execution. We hope this journal will serve as a place to share our experiences with friends and family, but most importantly serve as a place to share our experiences with our future selves.

General Information

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