The License Plate Game: European Road Trip Edition

How do you play the License Plate Game on a European Road Trip?

You begin in the parking lot at the Eurotunnel (we were in England, but perhaps the French side is similar). EU car plates have their country code on the left side of the plate.

parking lot of Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal

You switch it up by looking at road signs for words with the most consonants in a row in Wales. (Was it 5? Or was it 7?)

You switch it up again by looking at road signs for place names in Sweden that are so totally also product names at Ikea.

You just yell out “sheep” or “cow” whenever you see one, which is often enough.

billboard of bull in Spain

You make up an entirely new game called “Opera” in which you try to sing along with the opera channel. Predictive singing.

You get yourself stuck in a city, searching for available parking, so you make up a tour as you go. “On your left is the world-famous Honda Motor Shop of Seville", drive, drive... "Sevillanos love their Coca-Cola, so much so that they have dedicated delivery vehicles that keep all of their restaurants fully stocked. You can see one such vehicle up here on the right.”

You don't. Instead, you sleep.

children sleeping in a car

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