Snippets of Stockholm

Question: What is this place?

ceiling mural mural and sculptures people standing near underground murals

Answer: This is one of the subway stations in Stockholm. It's the only one we saw with major artwork, but apparently many of the stations are decked out to the nines. Nicely done, Stockholm.

Gamla Stan is adorable.

old buildings in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Gamla Stan is a small island in the center of Stockholm. It is the old city, the original Stockholm. The streets are cobbled and narrow. You will find the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace here. Every day, there is a military parade leading up to the palace. Adorable.

Stockholm is family-friendly.

family posing in front of fountain

We were very comfortable here. There are lots of things to do with kids during the day, and there are lots of shops that cater to families. Stockholm may be going through a baby boom, as evidenced by the very many pregnant women and people pushing carriages we saw.

Water, water everywhere.

two pairs of feet resting on a paddleboat

If you're in Stockholm during warm weather, get out on the water. You can kayak, canoe, paddleboat, sail, motorboat, and more. You can sail the city's waterways or you can venture out to the eastern islands of the Stockholm archipelago. The scenery is gorgeous.

The Swedes know how to eat.

platter of meat

We are a family of foodies. We love good food and enjoy many different cuisines. When left to their own devices about travel blogging, the kids have mostly written about food. So, it's very cool to note that not only does the Swedish food taste great in Stockholm, but so does the sushi, the Mexican, the American and the Thai. Oh, and who can forget the German? They rock that, too.

The Museums are very good.

We went to the Vasa Museum, the Nobel Museum, and the Swedish History Museum. There are many others. We've been to museums just about everywhere we've stayed on this trip and I must say the museums in Stockholm are very good. If you visit, just pick a couple. The least effective was the Nobel Museum, but it was still good. If you have limited time, don't feel bad about skipping that one.

My notebook page from the Swedish History Museum: notebook page

My up-close-and-personal experience with the diving bell exhibit at the Vasa Museum: old-style metal diving bell

Family time at the Nobel Museum: five pairs of feet standing near a floor medallion commemorating Alfred Nobel

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