One Month Done

As I write this, I’m pretty tired. We’ve been moving rapidly between locations, resulting in many long travel days. My sleep is disrupted more nights than not. The honeymoon phase of six people exploring the world is over. This is real life, now.

Real life. On the Gatwick Express train from London’s Gatwick Airport (where we parked) to Victoria Station (where we’d get on the tube to Piccadilly Circus), I looked at my babies sitting three to a two-seater and playing with each other. There has been so much laughter so little bickering between them this month. My heart warmed. I looked at Theo and said, “I feel like I’m dreaming, but this is real life. This is not vacation anymore.” I feel so lucky to be exploring the world with my family, even though it’s been hard lately and the pace doesn’t slow down for awhile.

Looking back at the places we’ve been, I can honestly say I’m glad for having visited them all. I very much want to return to Istanbul, the Kerry Way, Dublin, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival someday. Ireland’s County Meath, with the historic sites of Newgrange and Knowth, Trim Castle and the Blackfriary archaeological project, was a cherished experience. Athens’ ancient sites were impressive and humbling. The Greek isle of Paros was simply stunning. No place has been a dud.

In Month Two, we’ll briefly visit London (just did, actually), Amsterdam and Copenhagen, then we’ll spend just over two weeks in Sweden before heading to Germany. The Schlossini European Road Trip continues with a few more water crossings and lot more driving.

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