A Typical Day in an Atypical Place

It was almost like a staycation, beginning with a late-ish wake-up and breakfast before heading out. Our walk took us to a busy crossroads, with shopping and dining all around. After a stop in Starbucks for a refreshing drink, we ventured down a side street filled with people and lined with shops. I needed some new pants (having only two that work in this hot weather), so we popped in to H&M for something cute, comfortable and cheap. Some more wandering took us to a mall, and we cured the kids’ munchies with some Krispy Kreme donuts. We finished our walk, chilled out with some reading and video games, then went out for a sushi dinner. All in all, this was a very typical day for our family.

Except, of course, that we’re in Istanbul and the crossroads was Taksim Square.

street scene in Istanbul

flags hanging over a street

people at donut shop in mall

glass of mint lemonade

This is the mint lemonade they serve at Çin Büfe, the Chinese food and sushi restaurant where we ate dinner. It was like a mojito minus the rum. Yum!

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