Still not in wine country.

After a week in Istanbul (and the occasional beer from the local grocery store), I'd been looking forward to having some delicious wine. While I had no illusions about finding better beer in Greece than the beer I'd had in Istanbul, I was under the illusion that I'd get some delicious wine. Nope. So far, completely unimpressed. I think I need to switch to ouzo.

Around this beautiful island there are vineyards and olive groves, but for some reason the art of wine making does not match my palate. The food here is good, not great. But, the views and the weather leave absolutely nothing to be desired.

Squid on the grill What do you do if the booze is drinkable, but not so good? You cook with it. Squid was readily available, so I soaked it for four hours in Mythos beer, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, and a sliced up lemon. Then to the charcoal; fire, fire, FIRE! and the inner caveman delights at roasted protein.

Grilling The Henninger I drank; certainly not the best beer, but a man has to live somehow. It was surprisingly annoying to start the charcoal (I'm writing this the next day. I've had a second chance and it is really just a technique issue). There's no charcoal chimney with the house and the charcoal is actual charred wood (not briquets) and there is no lighter fluid. You need to build your pile carefully with ample ventilation and add more patience than I'm used to. All's well that ends well...

If I bring my own booze, I think I could live here.

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