Planning: Insurance

It turns out that a lot can go wrong while traveling. It also turns out that a lot can go wrong while driving or living or working. While everyone needs insurance of one type or another, it turns out we need very little of what we did have and a lot of what we didn't.

We are very lucky to have USAA as an insurer, and while they have a wide array of insurance options, we thought a travel centric insurance plan would make more sense. We chose World Nomads for insurance during our around the world trip. Something we didn't think about before is that most of these policies will only include directly related family members (blood relatives). As our nanny is coming with us, we needed to get two plans: one for the five of us and one for her. To make thing sane we got both plans with all the same options so the only think we need to remember separately are the policy numbers.

While we're maintaining our health insurance at home, we need to drop all of our auto-insurance as we sell our cars and switch our home-owners policy to be one that is appropriate for renting to tenants.

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