My Heart Is In Dublin

Color Buildings It has been several days since I last posted... I've been soaking in Dublin. Dublin has a truly magical quality. The city layout is fantastic, there is sufficient public space, there aren't too many people, but most are quite friendly. Add to that the moderate amount of tourism and you get a wonderful mix that says in a constant state of buzz without descending into a state of drudgery.

I believe the weather here (the gloom and frequent and unpredictable rains) are a bit to much for some of the other members of the family. I am at ease here; the attitude is right. I have only a little bit of Irish in me, but it seems to course strong in my veins... these are my people.

Zoe said she'd be living here at some point and has been orating here future life decisions here as we step through the city streets. Perhaps she'll attend Trinity College (a far way from here initial (8yo) intent of Stanford University.

Guinness barrel Lisa and I had our second date night on the trip. We went to a cute little restaurant called Stone at Rustic where the menu wasn't quite my style, but my food was delicious and we enjoyed ourselves. From there we did the only thing a visitor to Dublin could respectfully do: we pub crawled back to the apartment. Three pubs and 10 pints was an excellent start for the lady's first pub crawl. We have the rest of the year to up our game, but we'll be unlikely to have quite the same opportunity as that which is presented by the wonderful city of Dublin.

At the recommendation of Robert Treat, I went to the Hairy Lemon and had the "Famous DUblin Coddle." It was good, but not at all what I expected. I'm so used to local Irish grub being heavy; sticking to the bottom of your stomach. The Coddle was delicious (though I think Lisa's overall opinion was: "meh"), but it was surprisingly light and provided the overall feel of eating Mom's chicken soup when you have a cold. How it accomplished this while filled with sausage and bacon is simply confusing.

I realize this post is a bit random, but the last thing on my mind for the last several days has been blogging about Dublin. I'm sure it helps that I can't piss without accidentally hitting a pub.

Theo in front of Dublin Castle

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