From the Other Side of the Atlantic

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Our first or second day here in Kerry, we tried to point to where on (below) the horizon home was. Next someone made comparisons between how Kerry's Atlantic feel compares to Cape Cod's. The comparisons were interesting with many similarities. While Ireland is significantly higher in latitude than Massachusetts, the share much of the same feel... better sunsets here.

Facing the ocean we get the same humidity, the same smell, the same types of little sail boats and quite a bit of the same attitude. Facing inland, however, couldn't be more different. The wholly inconsistent weather with far-too-regular rain and down-right-cold summer days result in a culture that drinks more and is, in my humble opinion, more optimistic than their American Atlantic-coast counterparts. Hospitality runs deep and good nature runs deeper here. The lush green and the heavy drinking combined with the small-community feel makes me think I might just be able to live here quite happily. The weather would pose problems, but I feel I could get used to it over time.

Killarney Abbey

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