Being normal in Athens.

Acropolis from the roof

Okay, I supposed staying for four days in Athens as a part of a round-the-world trip is so far from being normal that this title is absurd. Today we hung out at the hotel, the kids did school work, we ate a simple and cheap dinner of falafel and then relaxes at the roof-top bar for about two hours picturesquely spanning sunset.

I had the opportunity to start teaching Zoe algebra: factorization of polynomials. And I worked with Gianna on fractions manipulation by doing units conversion of various speeds of things that she likes: namely rollercoasters.

That intro picture isn't from a post-card picture, that little gem was casually shot from my Sony RX100III from the roof-top bar of our hotel: The Attalos Hotel Athens. Wow.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the Acropolis and then turn in early to wake to the day that will begin our western European road trip.

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