Bangkok Is Comfortable

Bangkok is comfortable. Sure, it doesn’t seem like it should be on the surface and when I describe it out loud to myself, it sounds rather miserable.

Instead of describing what we’ve done here in Bangkok, I thought I’d just give my overall impression.

It’s humid here, and it’s warm. I think that if the trip were just beginning I would think this is miserably hot. We’ve been out and about for many long hours and we’re soaked with our own sweat. The pollution from the cars is a bit grotesque as it puffs up into your head space. The grime from the city (which is fantastically clean compared to Indian standards) clings to you in that sand-grit sort of way. Things chafe. At no point do I feel I need to sit down or take a break, nor do I feel I will get sick from the heat. Granted, it’s December and only 33C or so. I think it could be 37 or 38 before I would feel at risk. The idea of feeling this way would sound disgusting before I started this trip, but right here and right now… I could get used to this.

It’s been unusually foggy here so the long sights are insipid from where I sit on the 21st floor of the Royal Orchid Sheraton. While disappointing for our short stay, it reminds me of other cities we’ve visited. We seem to have a bit of bad luck when it comes to seeing cityscapes as we travel be it from fog or rain.

Everyone here is nice. I find it fascinating that when I walk down the street, I see so few people smiling; they aren’t frowning, they are just flat. Open your mouth to say hi or ask direction, a pleasant answer comes out of a mouth that is smiling. The people we have seen here are content in a way that is so deeply honest that it places me at a loss for malcontent.

I like Bangkok. I feel at ease here. It is comfortable.

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