Agra In Pictures.

Elephant Tomb

Elephant Tomb

A Moghul ruler loved his pet elephant so much he entombed him.

Red sandstone

Three wives and a symphony of religions

The palace of a Moghul ruler that wanted to combine the best parts of many religions. He had a Christian wife, a Muslim wife and a Hindu wife; and apparently a great many concubines.

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

A truly majestic structure full of marvel.

Surreal Taj

The Taj Obscured

The fog of December comes early on the ground of the Taj and mixes with smoke. Clearly obscured, the perfection of the Taj insists upon visual clarity.

Marble Work

Marble Craftsmanship of Legend

While many can still do this intricate hand-inlays of marble, some of the patterns have been lost.

The Taj Mahal Gate

The Taj Mahal Gate

Leaves a fantastic impression on the way out. Sun rising, but not burning the smog.

Fog beats the Taj

Nature wins

Not even the magnificence of the Taj Mahal can beat the fog at a distance.

House Arrest

Under House Arrest

With a Muslim fundamentalist on the throne, his (relatively) forward-thinking father was placed under house arrest here in the Agra Fort.



A family lesson on bravery, courage and violence against women.

Lost in symmetry

Moving Forward

A pathway from the Taj Mahal, symbolically taking us from Agra on to our next stop in India: Rishikesh.

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